This blog is about a research project called CmyView.

CmyView is part of Research My World, the crowdfunding joint venture between Deakin University and Pozible.com

CmyView is a research project about creative ways to capture your views about places. The mobile app we want to develop will turn everyday kinds of participation, such as photography and walking, into evidence that has the ability to influence actions from government and corporate interests on the future of the environments and places you care about.

As part of the project I will be using this blog to develop research ideas around walking and photography, and to document my experiences of putting these ideas into practice. I will be doing this by taking walks, both organised and publicly posted personal routes, taking photographs and reading the literature. In particular, I will be wafering through Rebecca Solnit’s history of walking, Wanderlust. Check back regularly between May 5th and June 18 to read about my musings. Feel free to contact me and discuss you throughs too!

CmyView is led by Cristina Garduño Freeman

with the following team of people:

SocioCultural Ecologies Group at Deakin University 
Mirjana Lozanovaska, Ursula De Jong, David Beynon and Diego Fullaondo from the School of Architecture and Built Environment

with Kok-Leong Ong from Business Information and Analytics

Super Sydney Committee
Tim Williams, Gillian Redman-Lloyd, Eva Rodriguez Riestra, Michael Zanardo, Claire Mallin, Mija Keane, Karen King, Stephen Pierce, Susan Carol.


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