M~M 2014

M~M 2014

This Friday 9th of May, I will be putting CmyView into practice when I participate in Mountain to Mouth, an extreme arts walk in Geelong, Victoria. As part of Deakin University, I’ll be helping to walk Canoe, an ephemeral artwork by Benjamin Gilbert, that will trace a song line from You Yangs Big Rock to the mouth of the Barwon RiverCanoe is a symbolic and beautiful work, that connects people, place and practice. Mountain to Mouth is intangible heritage in the making and this years 2014 Walk, the first of a series of biennial pilgrimages in the Geelong region that will draw the spirit of the land together with its communities.

Intangible Heritage recognises that cultural significance is generated and maintained through the representations, practices, expressions, knowledge and skills as well as the instruments, objects, artefacts and cultural spaces, that communities, groups and, in some cases, individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage. (UNESCO, 2003)

Developing events, such as the M~M Walk is a way of converging visual arts expressions with ubiquitous social practices, such as walking. Using our bodies to traverse land, offers time and space to think and connect, with the environment and with those people walking with us.

I am looking forward to this event. Come back soon to CmyView and read more about how I experienced the M~M walk.

Mountain to Mouth (M~M2014) is a cultural beacon for the Geelong region. In these times of great change, M~M2014 is an innovative cultural event, gathering together people from all walks of life for a shared journey through the unique landscape of the Geelong region.

M~M2014 is a 24hr extreme arts walk, a biennial pilgrimage from mountain top to river mouth. The journey starts late afternoon on Friday 9th May at You Yangs Big Rock and finishes at dusk on Saturday 10th May at the mouth of the Barwon River.

Initiated by the Arts & Culture Department of the City of Greater Geelong, M~M2014 invites people of all ages and abilities to register to walk one or more stages of an 80km pathway. The walk incorporates a program of music, visual arts, storytelling and sporting elements presented by local and guest artists under the artistic leadership of internationally renowned Meme McDonald, recent recipient of the Ros Bower Award.

M~M2014 will also incorporate ‘Geelong After Dark’ – a vibrant city centre arts event on Friday 9th May from 5pm that will light up Geelong with spontaneous performances, music and art installations.


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